Quarantine on return from travelling

I. Existing travel warning or quarantine requirement, before departure to a foreign country (private travel):

In the case of obligatory self-isolation or ordered quarantine, a fee/payment will only be made for the part of your work that can be done working from home. If you are not able to carry out your work duties from home, the right to continued payment of your salary for the period of the officially imposed quarantine does not apply. Compensation under the infection protection act may then also not be paid.

Please note that an officially ordered quarantine or self-isolation resulting from the corresponding regulations must be reported to the HR Department using the form to report absence in connection with the coronavirus.

In individual cases, you can also apply for leave of absence without pay or remuneration.

II: Travel warning or quarantine requirement, coming into force during the trip

A distinction has to be made between the above regulations and cases in which there was no travel warning from the German Foreign Office at the time of the start of the trip and no other signs that could put the resumption of work at risk after the end of the holiday. According to current national regulations, signs are considered to be increasing numbers of new infections in the holiday country (applies to all EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the UK), with the critical value currently being 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, as well as no indication from the RKI that the risk of infection for the individual is not considered low (applies to all other countries).

If you are obliged to go into (as currently required) 10-day self-isolation or an officially ordered quarantine after your return from your trip as per the Lower Saxony regulations on quarantine measures for the containment of the coronavirus (Niedersächsische Quarantäne-Verordnung) from 6 November 2020 (Nds. GVBl. No. 39/2020), and are therefore unable to start work onsite as planned, you will be released from work in accordance with the infection protection act. You will then receive remuneration as a compensation payment according to the infection protection act. If you can fully carry out your work duties by working from home, you will of course receive your full salary. If it is possible to carry out a proportion of your work duties when working from home, the worktime account can be used. In these circumstances, please contact the HR department.

III. Travel warnings in Germany

To date, the Lower Saxony regulations concerning coronavirus do not contain any direct special provisions for German risk areas. If these are introduced in the future, the same regulations will apply as for countries abroad.

IV. Business travel

The Lower Saxony quarantine regulations also apply to returning after business trips. If the return journey takes place through other German states, business travellers must inform themselves about possible (different) entry regulations.

#5 12.11.2020